Thursday, February 18, 2016

Governor Rick Snyder's circus

Are you a reader of the Detroit News?  If you are, then you are probably familiar with its editorial slant of being PRO-BIG GOVERNMENT while giving that same government immunity for any and all wrongs it commits in the name of Industrial Corporate Oppression.
If you are not a reader of the Detroit News, you may not be aware of the previous statement, nor would you be aware that the biggest proponent for Industrial Corporate Oppression immunity policy is Nolan Finley.
He typically targets the working class and labels us as responsible, unappreciative or otherwise slandering the elite governing class who are typically INNOCENT victims and recipients of the working class’ venom and persecution.
One recent example can be found in the Detroit News Sunday February 14, 2016 edition.  Apparently, Mr. Finley feels the citizens of Michigan just refuse to understand Governor Rick Snyder’s “style.”
Seems Rick Snyder isn’t a political as he needs to be?  As a politician holding an elected office, one would think that makes him political by default?  Finley wants us to believe that Snyder is the type of leader who does what is right by the numbers, and that data is always right.  Because of this, Snyder lacks the political insight to understand the system?  Also, Finley would tell us that Snyder’s image as a leader suffers because the Governor refuses or refused, to surround himself with Lansing insiders, and instead went with people the Governor felt were reliable—not necessarily politically savoy—but capable of providing the data the Governor requires to Govern by.
Finley wants us to believe that this data driven method has worked 90% of the time for the Governor.  After all it was the perception of not doing politics that Finley claims made Snyder such an attractive candidate for Governor and lead to his re-election in 2014.  And that it was the cold hard facts that were what FAILED the Governor when responding to the Flint Water Crisis, when what Snyder really needed was “political instincts.”
Finely then points out that these cold hard facts have also led to the problems that the public schools in Detroit are experiencing.  Though Finley ignores the epic failure of the EAA, he does point out the faults of the Emergency Manager.  Not that Darnell Earley is remotely faultless; Finley wants us to believe (again) that is the Governor’s lack of political instincts that allowed the schools to become a money pit, not the fact that Snyder just placed a person in charge with a losing track record as an emergency manager.  Earley previously served as EM in Flint, Saginaw Schools and Muskegon Heights Schools.
Finley continues with the kudos and admiration of the Governor by sharing with us the idea that “He’s (Snyder) the rare elected official who is not always looking for the camera.”  Perhaps that is because the Governor is more comfortable legislating from behind CLOSED-DOORS and during the MID-NIGHT hours when the public is excluded from the discussion?

So, Mr. Finley, Governor Rick Snyder is not a VICTIM of the peoples, misunderstanding of who he is. Rather he is a conniving, greedy extremist, hell-bent on PROFITS over PEOPLE and callous towards the most basics of human rights.

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