Saturday, June 4, 2011

Love don't pay the Edison bill...

Folks on another forum are encouraging a gainfully employed person, living in Denver, to quit his job and move back to Michigan. Chance are the person will NOT find a job in the very near future, and will be moving back in with his parents since he will have NO income other than a savings.

The questions were asked, "What is $ when you have family close to you?"

And "Family and Michigan, what more do you need?"

This was my response---

May be an income? A means of supporting yourself rather than sitting on momma's couch watching Transformers and mooching pizza from your friends and daddy?

I mean, family is great, but there comes a time in every human's life that they have to start their own life. Sometimes we don't get to chose where that is.

Not sure what vast job opportunities are available in Michigan, but my family and friends tell me there aren't many. The wind turbine business is VERY slow in getting off the ground and now King Richard is said to be destroying much of the fabric that made life in Michigan good. Though I hear Snyder is poised to take down those "evil, nasty, vile" unions that brought prosperity to millions of folks in the 1950s and 1960s.
Seems the companies are now dealing with employees fairly and unions are dinosaurs. Isn't it just wonderful that billion dollar companies FINALLY respect employees and pay a fair and living wage without the negotiations and backroom dealings with a union?

I hear there are several hundred jobs coming soon. Will these positions be filled with company people who transfer from out of state? More than likely they will be filled by desperate people who need income (because family and Michigan [or any state] isn't always enough to pay the bills) and minimum wage is looking really good when your kids are hungry, Edison wants their $500 payment on that installment plan because last winter's gas bill averaged $700 a month and it had to be put on it's very own revolving credit account. $7.50 is darn good, it is almost what unemployment paid 3 years ago when the company laid everyone off to move to Mississippi or Mexico.

Some will still hold the unions to the light and claim there is nothing but despair and corruption running through its heart. BUt think about this, who is getting the millions that the company is earning? Does it get reinvested? Oh contraire, it goes into the CEOs pockets while the company is run into the ground (because the tax breaks will end and the company will move at that time) so if anyone has to benefit, let it be the CFOs and CEOs. The employees will finally learn what it means to be grateful they have a job and might even gravel and turn on each other--doing ANYTHING to keep it.

So why not move back home... tell the country that $ doesn't matter. Americans do not need to be financially content, because we now have family to support us, because this generation no longer needs to rely on government entitlements because we are too proud for that--besides mommy and daddy is just letting loose of our inheritence a bit early--it's not a handout, it's a handup...