Saturday, April 30, 2011

Free to SNARK

I am just tired of all the PC mentality that is floating around this society. When did it become wrong or bad to question authority or point out the obvious truth?
Why are snarkers made to feel like they should be embarassed for responding with obvious answers to unthoughtful statement? My bad, I jsut used a Polotically correct word. I said unthoughtful (is there even such a word) when I really wanted to say STUPID. Not that a snarker would say any statement in and of itself is stupid. But the snarker would give a rhetorical response that could be interpreted as saying."That was a stupid statement." Hence, a rhetorical statement. Why is it people like Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are free to utilize SNARK in their shows? Is it because the shows are not taken seriously? If that were true, why are the movers and shakers so anxious to get on the show? Is it so they can say stupid things and not be taken seriously, if ay all?
At its best, SNARK will address the topic, issue or ideal, not the person. Though the person may be "guilty" by association with that idea, issue, or topic, they are NOT the target of the SNARK.
We need to remember hate the game, not the player..and not KILL the messenger, but the message is free-game...