Monday, May 18, 2015

Holier than Them


I pray this self-proclamation will bring you to a greater understanding of life.
I know, most people would end the previous sentence with GOD, but what or rather who is GOD—if not LIFE?
Such a magnanimous proclamation must surely symbolize your FAITH in the word. Such confidence and vainglorious belief has to be the result of years of dedication and compliance with the law, even from a very young age.

Though I do wonder is such a lengthy statement intended to draw praise of is it more to secure one’s place in the room of persecution? A means of solidifying internalized feelings of psychological crucifixion, whether real or imagined?

Does anyone ever really know the heart of God?

Does anyone ever really know if their faith brings a smile to God’s face?

Does anyone ever really know if their smile gives Jesus warm fuzzies?

Does anyone every really know if their deeds bring Jesus satisfaction?

I suppose there are reasons men espouse such lengthy words attributed to God.
I suppose in some ways the words bring some comfort.
I suppose the ability to quote provides us with personal contentment, much as Paul experienced with the Corinthians the first time.

Can our words then become service?
Will our words then feed the hungry?
Will our words then comfort the homeless?
Can our words then educate the seekers?
Will our words be reflected in our love?
Does our words fulfill the FAITH?
Would our words heal the sick?
Could our words be merely the clanging of cymbals?

I wonder, when God is there, in His place, gazing over His beloved, does He see our words or does He hear our heart?
I wonder what God will remember us for?

Having the best Rolex?
The newest car?
The biggest house?
The highest education?
The most hours in a pew?
The most laws obeyed?
The most endearing prayer?
The most important vote?
The best submissive spouse?
The best display of abstinence?
The best at resisting temptation?

Or will They remember how passionately we loved?
How deeply we cared for each other?
How completely we gave of ourselves?
How honestly we spoke?
How thoroughly we embraced life?

Will They think of us, the same way we should have though of Them?

Will They see us the same way se saw our Neighbors?

Will They mete out the same as we did to the poor?

Will They defend us as we defended the least of us?


The ONLY answer that matters is the one EACH of us will be given, not what words we recite from an empty mountain top that can neither heal the SOUL nor nurture the BODY.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Who shall I send...

Not that I am an overly religious kind of person, but I can say I have an strong sense of JUSTICE and MERCY. For reasons that cannot adequately be explained, perhaps because I do not fully understand...I have been compelled to be at the front of the line when it comes to social action. And Isaiah 6:8 has forever resonated within my soul. This has been an annoyance throughout my life. At various times I have tried to stand wt the oppressed and demand justice, only to be ignored by all sides. Then they have been times when I thought to merely observe, and all sides demanded I pick up arms and defend a position, any position. And so, I am resigned to simply being the one. The one who steps out from the smoke and mirrors. Steps away from the rioting and chaos Steps away from the idle contentment To walk in the shoes of no one. To simply be....the voice of the observer.. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"